Sitrah Ahra

Wedding photography pricing

Packages Hours Price Location Digital Files
Bronze 1 Hour $150 1-Location Shoot 15 Digital Files
Silver 1.5 Hours $230 2-Location Shoot 25 Digital Files
Gold 1.5-Hours $300 2-Location Shoot 35 Digital Files
Mini 45 Minutes $65 1-Location Shoot 6 Digital Files
Deluxe Portrait 3 Hour $400 3-Location Shoot 35 Digital Files
Classic Portrait 2 Hour $300 2-Location Shoot 30 Digital Files

Commercial photography pricing

Shoes Formal 3 Images $150 10%
Garments With Mannequin 3 Images $225 20%
Intericate 3 Images $350 20%
Shiney 10 Images $225 15%
Garments With Models 5 Images $300 20%
Lingrie 7 Images $650 40%

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel long distances for the wedding or other occasion shoots?

Of course, I do. I love traveling new places and capturing the moments; distance never matters me.

How to book you?

You can check out my website page to find my availability and book me online or contact me over the phone..

Is there any advance to be paid?

Yes, you have to pay an advance of 30% of the total amount that varies depending upon the package to ensure booking. .

How to find the total settlement amount?

You can check out the website and under the price, tab explores the available packages. Select the package that suits you the best to find the overall amount.

How long will it take to receive the photo album?

It varies with time. It usually takes around 4-6 weeks to issue the album during normal business days and around 6-8 weeks during season time.

Is digital copy of the photos inclusive within the package cost?

Yes, you don’t need to pay separately to obtain the digital copy; it is inclusive with the album.

Do you provide us with any backup disc?

Yes, apart from the digital copy of photos and video presentations; we will provide you a removable disc with all photos for backup purpose. .


Sitrah Ahra-About Us

One of the most alluring yet the least talked about profession or hobby per se is definitely Photography. Some people really think that clicking good shots is an easy walk on a cake. But, it's a big no, if you ask me. I have been into this photography field for many years now and even before that, I used to take snaps through my phone. The main thing I admire about photography is the essence of life that is frozen in the blink of one's eye. I specifically prefer places where there is wildlife. Where the blessings of our mother nature are abundant. The scenic view not only captures my eyes but also expands my soul. There is this burning passion in me that would increase infinitely when I capture anything or anyone at the right moment. Right from the secret bashful smiles to the uproaring laughter to the painful lone tears captures my heart when I freeze them candidly. Along with wildlife photography I do and have a stunning collection of wedding, birthdays, parties, anniversaries and even funeral snaps in my portfolio collection. It would be an honor of mine to freeze anything and everything you want for a lifetime!