Samsung VR Gear – Best Offer By Samsung

The best in class VR Headset by Samsung is the headset that is the talk of the town. This allows players to play games and also watch their favorite stuffs without disturbing the privacy of the people around him. Samsung has helped people have the real 3D experience by just wearing its headsets. The fact that this VR gear comes at a budget friendly pricing makes it reach to people from all categories.

The Samsung VR has gained the position of the best PC gaming headset as well and there are many unique features that has made it gain this coveted position.

1. Light Weight – Samsung headsets are known for their lightweight plastic body, which gives ultimate comfort to the wearer.

2. Compatibility – This is best compatible with all Samsung devices and with the USB cable you can connect it to almost any device with a USB port.

3. Budget Friendly Pricing – The price at which this headset is offered will surprise anyone. It is actually priced below $100 to suit any person’s wallet.

4. Elegant Look – With a blue-black finish, it gives this a stylish and glossy look.

5. Control Settings – All the controls and setting features are provided in a large screen with touch pad option. With a wider screen space and a range of control buttons, it delivers great comfort and power to the user to control and operate the related settings.

6. Excellent performance for Price – Priced at such a low cost, the features it offers are beyond that expected by the customer. With a resolution of 2650*1440 it offers excellent screen clarity.

Some hitches of Samsung VR:

While this product has a lot of advantages and excellent feature, it also a few points that are considered as a drain to the product.

* It has a very low processing power of 60 Hz, which is rather stumpy when compared to its competitors in the market.

* Unlike its higher end peers in the market, this falls behind in terms of external sensors.

* It does not reach up to the mark in delivering an awesome web browsing experience. Also with lack of VR experience in web browsing, it gives an experience that is more or less just like a virtual desktop.

* The Samsung VR was exclusively designed to support Samsung Note 7 and with this basic product under question, the VR considered to be it’s add on feature might go a used less equipment.

Samsung VR Gear Offer:

There was an excellent offer by Samsung for VR GEAR! It provided Samsung VR headset gears free with purchase of its in-house Samsung products. This led to the popularity of the headset gears by Samsung. But with the emergence of newer technologies that led to newer handsets by its core competitors, the craze for its products like I phone and VR headset for iPhone is seeing a remarkable increase.

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