Finding the Best Survivalist Knife

Survivalist knife is important for safety as much as for people having encounters with the wild life. Hence it is equally important to invest in a good durable one, one that will be helpful, if the need ever arises. Survivalist knife 2016 should be of the correct size, neither too big nor too small and should preferably be non foldable. But these two factors are not enough to select a good knife. Another important factor that should be considered is that the knife should be made out of one single material. As in, the handle and the blade should be made of steel. This makes the knife stronger and long-lasting. And also has precision and great impact.

In addition to the above feature the knife should be one continuous piece, which means there should not be any joint or attachment. Any type of joint or attachment no matter how strong runs the risk of malfunctioning, rusting or breakage at some point of time. Investing in a good one piece knife will save you from any such discrepancies.

There are many such knives that fit the above description but the main problem with such Zero Tolerance 0801 knives is that it is highly inconvenient to carry around. It also poses risk of injury. You cannot easily carry it with you as well. For the most optimum use an ideal knife should consist of all the above qualities combined with the portability and safety of a pocket knife – a knife that has a single material strong body, but comes with a pocket knife design. This need has been recognized and the result is one of the best pocket knives in the industry.

The knives that changed the market standards as well as combined strength and precision with portability are Zero tolerance knives. Benchmade Knife 940-1 review are all the rage these days. Their design is extremely attractive and to the powerful image of the knife. It is not only design wise, but is made up of super steel and has maximum strength. These knives excel in all possible fields that it can be used in. Which is it is useful for high intensity jobs like breaking wood, to baton etc and as well as precision and finesse of cutting through smaller objects. When compared to other products they are priced on the higher side. But when compared with its qualities and functions, the price seems justifiable.

They have many models of these super knives. Two of them have been reviewed below:

The first one to be reviewed is zero tolerance 0350 ts. It is an extremely high quality knife that is just of the correct size for you to carry around. The blade is around 3.2 inches which is ideal for use. Though it is a folding knife, do not expect it to be anything like any other pocket knife you have seen. It is definitely heavier as well as thicker than any other foldable knife. The finish of this product is amazing and there are people who have bought it only for its aesthetic value.

The second one to be reviewed is Zero Tolerance G10. The highlight of this knife is its jagged scales. This is very much useful for a firm grip. It can also be pretty useful in situations where you might need to attack with force. In situations when you come in threat, this knife will be a great weapon to use for your self-defense. The blade is extremely sharp and can be used for cutting through swiftly. It can quite sharp paper strips as well. For beginners it might seem a bit difficult to open the knife, but will be comfortable once practiced regularly.

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