Feel Safe With Suitable 9mm Guns

Almost in every US presidential election, one internal topic finds its place apart from the usual discussions like economy and jobs is about gun safety and control. While one party is adamant in banning guns because every now and then there is an incident of sporadic shooting by school kids or people who have sometimes lost their senses. It becomes a hot topic for debate nationally in US and then it dies down only to be kindled during presidential debates. The other part that supports in loosening gun control says that every citizen has his or her own right to protect themselves during untoward circumstances. Both parties are right and wrong and the debate is never ending.

However as of today the rules are a bit relaxed for one to feel safe and buy a weapon. When it comes to personal safety 9mm guns are predominantly used. The cost of the ammo is cheaper and these are compact and are best for self-defense.

The following is a brief list of some of the commonly used firearms of various companies

Ruger LCP: It is light weight compact pistol. It was produced in the year 2008. It lacked certain important features which led to the poor sale in California. So, the company included various features which would diminish the negatives of the existing one and promoted it as the second generation LCP Pistols.

Ruger LC9: As the name implies Ruger LC9 is a light weight compact pistol with a 9mm calibre and semi automatic pistol. It has a good performance and many countries accept it as a legal gun. One can trigger it lightly, smoothly and easily. To know much in detail, Ruger LC9s review would help one to analyse further.

Apart from Ruger LCP, Ruger LC9 various pistols that were introduced by the Ruger Company are LC9s, LC380, GP 100 etc.

Glock is another company which manufactures safe action pistols. Some of the Glocks manufactured pistols are

Glock 19: This is a very common pistol among the private and public security agencies as a backup pistol. The size of this type of pistol is much smaller than the normal one. So, it is very much suitable for concealed carry. To know more about Glock19 and decide on it before purchasing, one has to concentrate on various specifications and features. So, it is better for one to go through Glock 19 review before one opting to buy it online.

Glock 17: Glock17 is mainly designed for professional users who knows about pistols in detail. It is one of the pistols that is widely used worldwide. Because of its low weight and other special features, these pistols are very much trusted by many around the world. To know more about its special features, do not forget to check out the glock 17 review.

The other versions introduced by Glock are Glock 17L, Glock 26 which uses 9mm Caliber.

Dakkota: Dakotta is one many companies that is popular for manufacturing firearms and Dakkota Ammo. Dakota is very famous for the finest rifles.

As there are various companies that manufacture weapons, it is better to choose the best. Be it a Ruger or glock or Dakota, choose the best ruger or best glock as safety is more important than anything.

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